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Awesome: A State of Wonder and Fear
Venue Roundhouse Theatre
Dates 11 to 12 Oct 2019

The human body has a physical response to big new ideas. We get that exploding feeling in our brains. It can feel like the ground drops away from under us. We feel uncertain, or scared, or angry, or exhilarated. It gives us goosebumps, quickens our heartrate, makes our brain hurt.

Awesome: a state of wonder and fear is an exploration of the biggest ideas in the universe, and how we might try to cope with them.

Join acclaimed choreographer Liesel Zink and poet J.M Donellan as they explore ways of trying to understand the unfathomable.

Through movement, images and text they are testing ways to make ideas that may seem too big or too complex or too far off into something real we can comprehend in the present.

They’re just trying to understand nature, the universe and our place in it. No big deal, right?

Directed and choreographed by Liesel Zink
in collaboration with:
Writer: J. M. Donellan
Dancers: Ashleigh Musk, Michael Smith, Katina Olsen, Lauren Carr.
Voice: Alinta McGrady, Erica Field, and Liesel Zink.
Sound: Mike Willmett
Marketing: Thom Smyth (Unfunded Empathy)

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Tickets $10-$15*
$10 for pre-purchased tickets or $15 at the door.

*a $4.50 fee applies per transaction

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