Boadicea: The Celtic Rock Opera - Roundhouse Theatre, 6-8 Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove Village - Tickets

Boadicea: The Celtic Rock Opera
Venue Roundhouse Theatre, 6-8 Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove Village
Dates From 27 May to 7 Jun 2014

Boadicea is charging into Brisbane and the battle for the Celtic throne is no game!

The stage will be awash with blood and audiences will tremble to the thunderous sound of a 50-voice ensemble when Boadicea – The Celtic Rock Opera turns La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre into a battleground from 27 May.

Boadicea, the tribal warrior queen has been battered, betrayed and flogged. Her husband has been murdered, her people butchered, and now she wants blood!

Boadicea – The Celtic Rock Opera is an epic tale of rebellion and revenge set in 60AD, a time when Celtic tribes and Britons were mercilessly ruled by Nero, the insane Roman Emperor. The imposing Boadicea was loud-mouthed and aggressive, and had striking red hair that hung to her hips. The Romans didn’t like fighting women on the battlefield, but a woman wronged will not be held down. She led an uprising that took on the greatest empire in history and nearly brought it to its knees.

Boadicea – The Celtic Rock Opera is being presented by Dianne Gough Productions, the same team which claimed the Cremorne Theatre’s box office records in 2006 and 2009 with their rock opera version of Macbeth.

Brisbane’s own rock royalty and Women in Voice favourite, Alison St Ledger, unleashes a tour de force performance as Boadicea.

The cast of what promises to be one of the most thrilling rock spectacles seen in the city for decades includes the Vocal Manoeuvres ensemble led by Alison Rogers, who has co-ordinated and trained backing vocalists for artists such as Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey.

Director David Bell says the show is about protecting your homeland, which is why people go to war. “Boadicea will be bold, contemporary and there will be plenty of blood and carnage. The story has currency from thousands and thousands of years to the present day. It’s about a culture trying to protect themselves from invaders - a superior military force.”

Ever shall her cry for freedom on the lips of warriors be.” (Quote from Boadicea)

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$25 - $45
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