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The Final Days of Bedlam
Venue Roundhouse Theatre
Dates 16 to 19 Aug 2019

It’s the final days of school… EVER. Audiences are thrust into a fictional version of today where school is no longer compulsory. A group of students at Bedlam High contemplate what this means for them and what they want next. Do they even want to go to school?  Should they start their own school?  What do they want to learn? What will the world be like without school? The only thing that’s certain is these last few days are complete bedlam. The Final Days of Bedlam is a play designed for the classroom, to ponder the role of the classroom and what learning means. Written specially with grades 9-10 students in mind and performed by the La Boite Young Artists Company Ensemble.

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Tickets $10 - $15*

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