The Body In a Body by Krissy Kneen

Venue Roundhouse Theatre

Dates 23 Mar 2018

The Body In a Body by Krissy Kneen   - Roundhouse Theatre - Tickets

The Body In a Body by Krissy Kneen 

The exploration of the flesh begins here. Inspired by Krissy Kneen’s best-selling memoir, The Body In a Body blurs the line between truth and fiction.

Kneen, a fifty year old writer meets Rose, an ex-lover, on a long haul flight. Krissy hasn’t seen Rose for thirty years and this sudden unexpected meeting brings back memories of her sexually voracious, twenty year old self.

The Body In a Body is play about women’s bodies, how they age, how they change and how these changes are perceived by others. It explores sexuality and the harsh realities of being a sexual person in an aging body, while challenging current social ideals of thinness, youth, heterosexuality and unachievable beauty standards.

This is a play that asks the hard questions, what do you think about your own body and what would happen if you were kinder to yourself? All is in flux, everything changes. The one immutable element is the fact of a body.

Directed by Claire Christian
Performers include Megan Wilding

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