HWY Performance Lecture with Jeffrey Tan - Roundhouse Theatre

HWY Performance Lecture with Jeffrey Tan
Venue Roundhouse Theatre
Dates 28 Mar 2019

HWY PERFORMANCE LECTURE: Creating intimate theatre in the family home with Jeffrey Tan

You are invited to meet Jeffrey Tan, the Artist behind Open Homes, in the lead-up to the Brisbane season in November 2019.

An intimate theatre experience in the family home, Open Homes is a collaboration between Theatre Facilitators and residents in their very own homes, where the host is also the main storyteller. Open Homes provides a platform for shared story-telling experiences, inviting reflection on lived experiences - what is life really about?

After two commissions by the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) in 2015 and 2017, and a run at the National Arts Council’s Silver Arts Festival 2017, Jeffrey brings the methodology of Open Homes to Brisbane in a co-production with La Boite and Backbone, featuring local stories.

How do theatre makers work with non-performers to bring out important, necessary life stories?  How can we find inspiration in the everyday?  Jeffrey will share his reflections co-creating with the 55 diverse families in Singapore over two incredible seasons of the work.

Date: Thursday 28 March
Time: 6 – 8PM
Price: FREE

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