RECIPE by Shari Indriani

Venue Roundhouse Theatre

Dates 14 Feb 2018

RECIPE by Shari Indriani  - Roundhouse Theatre - Tickets

RECIPE by Shari Indriani

RECIPE is inspired by the Beinecke manuscript 408 – also known as the Voynich manuscript; a medieval document written in an undecipherable language. Shari and a cast of three artists will investigate the manuscript to inform a reading, in three parts, that takes us from present-day Australia, to 1930’s New York, to 15th Century Europe.

Why would someone lovingly write and illustrate a book no one can read, which meticulously describes plants, people and star-maps that do not exist? This unsolved riddle, six centuries old, intersects with the lives of three pairs of women across time and place.

These characters are bound by two things; their womanhood and a society that denies their power. This work invites an audience to imagine a recipe for a revolution that’s been hiding in plain sight.


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